Equivalent to CC loadAccounts api call?

Hi! Anybody knows if there is now a v3/beta equivalent to the cc loadAccounts api?

Hey @jsosa ,

There’s no beta/v3 API for that last I checked. We have to stick to private APIs to load accounts.

My question to you -is there any setback in using cc APIs? I’ll be using them for a use case so just wanted to know what is the Best practice.

Hi Hardik! I use it only in one client, for 2 reasons.

  1. they need this source to aggregate at 2 non-periodical hours (10pm and 3am), so this call is used inside 2 workflows (one with each hour per day)
  2. because of their business, I need to perform an unoptimized aggregation

I am worried because client received an email from CSM warning about cc deprecation on 31/3.


Yeah just saw that article, but in the comments, it was mentioned they’ll provide alternatives too before deprecating it so let’s just wait.

Here is that discussion:

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Hi @jsosa,

As per the latest update, the loadAccounts API is supported until June 14, 2024 and the replacement API is expected to be available by mid March.

Here is the thread on the specific API which you can follow :

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Hi folks. loadAccounts has stopped working for me via PostMan in sandbox and production. I now get “HTTP Status 405 ? Method Not Allowed”. I’m in ap-southeast-2 region. Other V3 API methods still working fine. Can’t see replacement method in latest Postman collection. Isn’t this supposed to have been replaced by now and/or be supported until June 14 2024?

@ssolig it still works for our prod ones

Are you in ap-southeast-2?

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We are seeing the same thing in our tenent - ap-southeast-2

Has somebody jumped the gun??

It seems so. I’ve had to update my Postman API collection and use the new beta Account Aggregation method (in sandbox only, haven’t tried prod yet):


with disableOptimization=true in the body.

The only official documentation I’ve found is here: Loading Account Data - SailPoint Identity Services

This Api is still working for us in sandbox and prod.