Enhancement: V1 and V2 API Limits

There is an upcoming change to our V.1 and V.2 APIs, which may affect your organization.

The vast majority of our APIs have page size limits to ensure consistent performance for our underlying services. However, we’ve recently discovered that several of our legacy V.1 APIs, as well as a small number of V.2 APIs, do not have the limits in place. On Monday, December 20th, 2021 we will begin enforcing limits on the page size calls for all APIs. The maximum page size limit will be set at 250. After this time any external calls to our API’s that exceed 250 will fail and will return an error. For more information on how to use pagination in your API calls, please refer to Standard Collection Parameters | SailPoint Developer Community.


This change breaks the Ruby script to manage roles and access profiles, among others. The script is coded to depend on IdentityNow being lax in enforcing page size limits.


If this is true, we are in the midst of implementation and have not done this full process as of yet. How can we get around the page size limits for this script to work accordingly. Manually doing this and in increments of 250 is going to increase our work load that was not there prior.

Bulk role importer tool wasn’t working during our deployment probably because of this. V6 of the same tool was helping.

My apologies if this is a dumb question. We use the bulk upload script for our role and access profiles. Does each record equal one page? We are in the middle of migrating out of another platform and will be using the script to upload about a 1000 roles along with about 3000 access profiles.

The below Bulk Uploader script was updated to include paging. I requested SailPoint to officially update the script but in the meantime this should work with the new size limits (extension needs to change to .rb).
manageRolesAndAccessProfileV7.1.txt (44.5 KB)


@RArroyo, One CSV for each set of roles or access profiles can be used, even if it includes 1000 roles. The script iterates through the CSV file and uploads/creates them one at a time. Hope that answers your question!

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If using version 8 as it includes the Revoke Approval Process, will that be okay to continue using?

Hi RArroyo,

Please be aware that there is an 800 roles per Org soft limit in IDN and you will receive an error when attempting to add role 801, whether by API or through the UI.
This is in place as benchmarking has shown going above 800 roles starts to have an adverse impact on the Org performance, this is especially the case as the number of Identities in an Org increases.

If you wish to add roles above this limit, and have not done so already, please create a support ticket to request a higher soft limit to be applied giving business reasons to back the request as there may be more efficient ways to attain your goals.

All the best.

Thank you. I was not aware of that.

@darrell_oregan Hope that this is documented. If not, it would be helpful to document it.