Enhancement: SaaS Workflows Open Beta Update

Also when I tried to create the trigger using subscriptions, the error I get is:

Trace ID: 98dd2203453f438ca788ef4deda1d7d5
An error occurred. Please contact your administrator.
Required field “workflowConfig” was missing or empty.

I dont see any field called workflowConfig

Filtering has been temporarily removed while the team works on an improved version. Trigger filtering will be back soon.

Only the workflow editor can create a subscription to trigger using the “workflow” type. If you are manually subscribing the trigger UI, you must select Event Bridge or HTTP.

Hello Colin,

Then how can we filter the trigger? I want to use the “Identity Attributes changed” but just for some use cases.


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I have been using a series of string compares. It is ugly, but works.

			"Compare Strings": {
				"choiceList": [
						"comparator": "StringMatches",
						"nextStep": "Send Email",
						"variableA.$": "$.trigger.changes[?(@.attribute == 'department')].attribute",
						"variableB": "department"
				"defaultStep": "Compare Strings 2",
				"description": "Department Change Exists",
				"type": "choice"

Hello Carl,

Thanks for your reply! I will try it.


We are working on implementing trigger filtering on the trigger step itself. This will most likely make it into the GA release of workflows.

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I am trying to use the Scheduled Trigger, but can’t seem to get it to work. Anyone have guidance on the CRON interval setting?


I have two workflows setup to use the Scheduled trigger. Both are enabled, but neither have executed in the last 2 days. Is the Scheduled trigger broken? Or am I using the cronString incorrectly?

One that should run every 2 hours at the top of the hour.

    "trigger": {
        "type": "SCHEDULED",
        "attributes": {
            "cronString": "0 */2 * * *"

And one that should run daily (not sure if workflows except this format but it didn’t error when I put it in).

        "trigger": {
            "type": "SCHEDULED",
            "attributes": {
                "cronString": "@daily"

I would love to see an operator that would allow us to build variables, concatenate, and compose them. Such as in the email body that we can build with. That way they can be routed into items like the HTTP Request body.

@adunker Do you envision this being in an operator or individual actions that allow for each action to have the ability to create custom variables?

@Carlatto Can you send a screen print of the CRON setting you are using or even in text here, i.e. 0 0 0 1 1

In this case, most likely an operator makes sense in my head, as you’re likely using the outputs from the triggers or previous actions.

Does operators like || (OR), && (AND) are supported in trigger filtering on the trigger step? I am trying to add filter like $.changes[?(@.attribute==‘manager’ || @.attribute==‘location’)].attribute but it is giving me below error -

I have tested JSONPath on Jayway JsonPath evaluator and it is working fine. So I believe there isn’t any issue with JSONPath.
Could you please suggest how to write filtering based on multiple attributes?

This is a known issue and is currently being addressed.


We’ve run into an issue where an operator function (Compare String, Exists) seems to be getting all previous steps’ JSON as input instead of the one that we want. Is this a known issue?

The filter:

The step input somehow:

No output despite the string being present in the getAccess.accessItems array.

Also does the workflow builder just go blank for anyone else and refuses to work despite refreshing the page multiple times?

I had a salesrep note to a client yesterday that the Workflow would be GA within 2 weeks (i.e. end of July). Has anyone else heard this yet or seen anything “official”?


The output of “Get Access” is indeed an array. We are adding the capabilities to loop through data sets as part of Q3 improvements. Until then, the only option is to compare against the full array “accessItems”

Workflows are GA as of July 1st.