Enhancement: Breaking change for /beta/trigger-subscriptions APIs

What Changed?

To improve the security of our services, the GET /beta/trigger-subscriptions endpoint will no longer return the password value in basicAuthConfig or the bearerToken value in bearerTokenAuthConfig.

Instead, this endpoint will return null values for password and bearerToken. An additional endpoint, PATCH /beta/trigger-subscriptions/{id}, has been released to make it easier for the IDN UI and other clients to update the auth config values.


This change will not cause any issues with the execution of event triggers, and the IDN UI has been updated to use the new PATCH /beta/trigger-subscriptions/{id} to allow users to change credentials for existing subscriptions.

This change will require clients to update any code that relies on the auth config values being present.

Any client that is using the SP Config API to migrate trigger subscriptions between tenants will need to add the correct auth config values for each subscription before importing them into the destination tenant.

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