Development enviornment setup


Just wondering what people use for the dev set ups. I can’t use the plugin where I am so I am currently using notepadd ++. Wondering if there are some tricks in IDEs to help develop java embedded in xml to get code completion and syntax checking?

Hi @Seadog
You can try using the intellij as mentioned in this post - IntelliJ with command completion, syntax check/highlighting for IIQ rules (beanshell) - IdentityIQ (IIQ) / Show and Tell - SailPoint Developer Community Forum

Also, you can check the the plugin pub / sailpoint-plugins / Rule Runner Public · GitLab ( from Devin Rosenbauer’s team

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I use both IntellliJ (with the link to my post in @Jarin_James reply) and Visual Studio Code with the IIQ Development Accelerator.

See Sailpoint IIQ Development Accelerator - Visual Studio Marketplace

— Remold

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I’ll second the VSCode IIQ plugin, that is my favorite way to interact with IIQ.

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