Developer Days 2024 - Americas


Our second annual conference for the hands-on-keyboard problem solvers in identity!

What to Expect:

  • :hammer_and_wrench: Showcase of hands-on, technical solutions
  • :fire: Fireside chats with industry experts
  • :new: Announcement of new developer tools
  • :robot: Introduction of new AI experiences in our community

The full agenda can be found here: Developer Days 2024 Agenda. Be sure to register below to stay in touch as Developer Days 2024 comes to life! Sign in below or create a free SailPoint account to join the conference.



@jordan_violet What happened to all the Developer Day topics that had the video for each topic session. That seems to be all removed now and I was looking to go watch some sessions that I missed. Was this moved to a different location?

They have all been moved to the Video category:

β€” Remold

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