Delete IDN Source Error

Hey team, has anyone encountered this problem while deleting the source?

We are not able to delete the source. We could not find any ongoing tasks or open requests related to this source at the moment.

Hi @anneragh
It’s possible that some background were running when you made this API call.

  1. Check if any aggregations are running. Go to Dashboard → Overview → View All and see any aggregations running.

  2. Go to Identity List and check if it says “identity data is updating”. the identity refresh is running. it could be due to wide variety of reasons including role refresh or aggregations running, etc. You can also see this in monitor.

@kavindar_sharma Thank you for the response!
As previously mentioned, we do not have any running tasks, open requests, aggregations, dependencies, or identity refreshes.

Ya experienced it as it might be used somewhere as a reference.

Are you trying to delete through UI ? errors looks like that.

If yes, delete using API call and it is recommended.

Opened a support ticket, and support assisted us with deletion.

We have a similar scenario in one client, where a source is useless since several months and can not be deleted. Did support delete themselves or gave you some steps to do it yourself?

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