Default Value for SCIM API Timeout for Launch Workflow

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to know the default timeout for response when calling launch workflow from the SCIM API.

And if its possible to configure it from Sailpoint?

From the SOAPUi i can see the timeout=60 in the response header but i am not sure if its the correct value to check.

Hey @rnair002, thanks for posting this question. I am going to ask around and see if we cannot return with some answers to your inquiry.

Hi @rnair002
The 60secs might be SOAP UI client timeout(http settings → socket timeout) which can be updated if you want to wait for longer duration.

Clients can specify a client side timeout , for API based timeout from client , refer to this javadoc

On the server side , I am not aware if Jersey allows a timeout to be specified but app servers can specify a timeout , for tomcat , here is a link to doc where various timeouts can be specified.

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