Decommission Accelerator Pack

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Version 8.4

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Hi All,

We have upgraded to 8.4 version.
We were using AP with version 8.1p2.

We see there are so many objects and attributes created by AP. What is the right approach to decommission AP
are there any best practices which we can follow?

Hi @pguptatd,

This is the official stand on AP from SailPoint " Accelerator Pack was not intended to be uninstalled once it’s deployed and applications are onboarded with it. It should be treated like LCM, i.e., once installed, it’s always installed. "

Please refer to the original post on this over at the SailPoint community:

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Though its official stand on AP from Sailpoint, If installation is not AP they can use Rapid Setup which makes me to think that Rapid Setup and AP both are independent and AP can be installed though it would be big effort.

Yes @HemantSingh , At this point SailPoint recommends Rapid Setup instead of AP

We already have AP installed. And as sailpoint’s recommendation is: we want to move to Rapid set up.

But there are so many things coming in with AP

We are mainly looking here if there are any best practices we need to follow

Hi @pguptatd,

I am not aware of any present framework for a data/object clean-up. However, prima facie you could write a comprehensive rule to prune objects and run it via the run rule task. If not that, you could document the unnecessary objects in a file and use console commands to delete the objects. To the best of my understanding, I think both could work.

This is the only related post I had. I hope this helps.

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We understand that. We are mainly looking for any best approaches / standards followed by others. So we can streamline the process to remove accelerator pack.