Debug Workflow loop inner steps

When looking into a workflow execution history we found an event stating that a workflow Task failed.

We have pinpointed that the failed task is generated by a step that is inside a loop in our original workflow.

We are unable to find a way to display a step by step execution of the loop operations in our workflow execution to be able to debug the source of the error.
I have the workflow ID and the run ID of the loop executions that generated child workflows. Is there a way to make use of these two values in order to see the issue more clearly?

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Hello Nadim El Khoury,

Try using wehbook for debugging inside the loop under the workflow.
The following blog may be helpful for debugging with Webhook:

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Hello Mehul,

Thank you for your answer, we do use webhooks for debugging when we want to configure new workflows.

Unfortunately in my case the error happened in a workflow we already deployed to production. We do not keep webhooks in our production environment.

Thank you for the suggestion.

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Hi Nadim. If you download the execution report for the particular execution that failed, the report will contain the information for every iteration of the loop that ran. You can explore this report file to figure out which loop iteration failed. The error message may not clearly indicate why it failed, so you may have to examine the inputs/outputs of the loop iteration that failed to understand what happened.

Hi Colin,
This is exactly what we did before creating this post. And as you mentioned we only had information about the loop input without understanding what really happened inside the loop.

I will mark your reply as a solution but unfortunately it did not work in our case because we needed more details to really understand what happened.

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