Custom Reports in IIQ

I have this below request object. I am using Datasource object is “Request” and type is “Filter” for my report. Is there any way that i can filter using provision plan details like comments and application. I need to use this request object because i need to find request which are dated in future.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

  <entry key="approvalScheme" value="none"/>

  <entry key="autoVerifyIdentityRequest" value="false"/>

  <entry key="fallbackApprover" value="spadmin"/>

  <entry key="flow" value="Manual Disable Accounts"/>

  <entry key="foregroundProvisioning" value="true"/>

  <entry key="identityName" value="123456"/>

  <entry key="launcher" value="spadmin"/>

  <entry key="noApplicationTemplates" value="false"/>

  <entry key="notificationScheme" value="none"/>

  <entry key="plan">



        <AccountRequest application="netiq" nativeIdentity="cn=qwer,ou=Users,o=bvc" op="Disable"/>



            <entry key="comments" value="refer3456"/>

            <entry key="requester" value="sid"/>

            <entry key="source" value="AccountsRequest"/>






  <entry key="requestName" value="REQUEST MANAGER FEATURE BY Manual Disable Accounts 5653711 1631073599347"/>

  <entry key="requestType" value="REQUEST MANAGER FEATURE"/>

  <entry key="sessionOwner" value="spadmin"/>

  <entry key="source" value="Workflow"/>

  <entry key="trace" value="false"/>

  <entry key="workItemComments" value="refer3456"/>

  <entry key="workflow" value="TDBank-Workflow-ManualAccountUpdate"/>


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Since this object contains other nested objects, you might need to use a different type of report source, such as an HQL query or Java datasource

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Thanks for posting & welcome to the SailPoint developer forum. Give the suggestion above, from @paulo_urcid, a try and let us know if this helps resolve your issue!

Thanks @paulo_urcid and @jordan.violet. The info is helpful