Custom Connector Entitlement Aggregation


We are building a custom connector in IdentityNow and are implementing entitlement aggregation by overriding the “iterate()” method.

Iterate is working successfully on “Manual Aggregation” but for “Entitlement Aggregation” its not working. We need to perform “Entitlement Aggregation” on source.

What we tried:
We have tried to use “discoverSchema” method.

Code reference:
Code is attached to this post. Please refer to iterate method on line 271.
CustomConnector.txt (31.1 KB)

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Hi Abhinov,

It looks like the logic in your iterate() method is specifically written to look at only accounts that don’t have a ‘member’ attribute? And their entitlement data should be in the ‘memberOf’ field?

What does your source look like - do you have have an entitlement schema defined? Is the ‘memberOf’ attribute in the account schema flagged as ‘entitlement’ and ‘multi-valued’?

If possible, can you export your source using this API call:

First - list your sources, and find the right source ID by doing a GET to: /cc/api/source/list

Then call: GET /cc/api/source/export/<your_source_id>

This should get you an XML artifact back - i’m curious what your Schema looks like here for the account type

Hi Adam,

I forgot to update the response here. I have fixed it already and yes your point is correct. I added the wrong attribute for entitlement schema.

After updating its working fine.

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Glad to hear you fixed it! Would you mind sharing the steps you took to fix this to help others who may have a similar problem?


In source template we should mention separate schema for account and group. For accounts schema we should mention nativeObjectType=“account” and for group schema we should mention nativeObjectType=“group”. I missed to add the group schema in source template. After adding its working as expected.