Csv File Upload field in a quick link form attached to a workflow

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Version 8.3

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We have a requirement to upload a file for bulk user creation in the quicklink form. we need to allow vendors to upload the file in user creation form and make use of that attributes in the workflow to create necessary identity attributes.

Does anyone has idea on how to upload the csv file in the quicklink form and make use of that in the workflow.


Only way that comes to my mind would be to textarea field where you can type/paste the content of the file.

I think without writing custom plugin for that the gui does not support upload of the file in the form.

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I think developing plugin for this would be a better idea.

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Hi Preethi,

check this one: https://community.sailpoint.com/t5/IdentityIQ-Forum/Upload-file-QuickLink/m-p/171268

This solution was provided by @vishal_kejriwal1 and we implemented it for one of our clients (a long time back “about 3 years”) and it worked fine.

However, as mentioned by @sunnyajmera & @kjakubiak I prefer to build a plugin (more flexible and easier to maintain)

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