Create workflow for notification to Managers when enddate is +14


Im trying to create a work flow that triggers on a scheduled trigger, gets a list of identities using a saved search, and then sends an email to each of the retrieved identities’ manager.

first thing is that im not able to test the flow, since im unsure what data to use as test data for the Scheduled trigger ?

Second, im using a loop to get the list of identitites which i can read has a limit of 50…

Is there any other way to achieve my goal ?

Kind regards

Peter Lysén Føhns

Welcome to the developer community Peter.

For test data, you could try creating a saved search in the IDN UI that returns only a few users that don’t mind receiving test notifications.

I think the biggest challenge is going to be the 50 iteration limit on the loop operator. If your saved search is going to return more than 50 identities, then I don’t think you can accomplish this use case at this time.