Create Account API

Hi @sgeddam003,

This isn’t documented very well, but the accounts API doesn’t provision accounts in the target source, nor does it create work items to manually do it. The accounts API will create an account directly in IDN, with a loose coupling to the sourceId that you provide in the body. This means the account will exist in IDN, but won’t show up in the target source. To track the status of the task ID that is returned, you can use the task management API.

The big caveat to using this API is that any account created through the API will be removed if an aggregation is run on the source and the account doesn’t exist in the source. Essentially, the source is the “source of truth”, and will override any changes you make via the accounts API.

Typically, you would only use the accounts API if you want to provision or update accounts on a flat file source without having to upload the flat file and run the aggregation process every time you make a change. However, you will want to make sure you are updating the flat file with every change you make with this API so that the next time you aggregate the source it won’t undo your changes.