Create a new account on a JDBC source in IdentityNow

I have a JDBC source thats successfully setup for CRUD operations as needed. We would however like the source to be able to create a second account when a user qualifies for multiple roles in SailPoint. For instance, if a user already has an account on the source and they qualify for another role, I would like for SailPoint to create a new account. And if a net new user qualifies for more than one role in sailpoint , I would like for sailpoint to create a two new accounts as needed. The roles in sailpoint is populated by entitlements (security role ids from our db table) hence when a user qualifies for more than one role, it tries to add multiple role Ids in one call which will not work since this column is not multivalued on the db side, How can i modify my provisioning to create new accounts for users that qualify for more than one role ? i.e send different calls for the security role ids instead of lumping them in one call ?.

I have tried concatenating the values but I’m getting thesame error.
Thanks all for your help as you take time to look at this.

failure_add_same_call screenshot - when it tries sending it in thesame call
success_screenshot - different calls