Could not execute statement WebServices

I have problem with groups aggregation in WebService application, getting error. From log I can see that it is related to entry duplication, but I dont know how to fix that.

Exception during aggregation of APPGRPAPP#342#APP#280#APPGRP#204. Reason: org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException: could not execute statement

Hi @kskendelis

Are you using any aggregation rule in the connector.?
From other side, What method are you using in your web service connector to aggregate groups?

  1. First I had only one group operation “Group aggregation” but for the some objects(records) I was getting error to add another operation “Get - Object Groups”, after adding I am getting current exception (which is shown above).

  2. We using group aggregation refresh rule:

  String uniqueId = accountGroup.getValue();
  String[] tokenList = uniqueId.split("#");
  List typeList = new ArrayList();
  boolean typeFound = false;
  String typeValue = "";
  for (String token : Arrays.asList(tokenList)) {
    if (typeFound) {
      if (!token.equals(typeValue)) {
        typeValue += "#"+token;
        typeFound = false;
        typeValue = "";
    } else {
      typeValue = token;
      typeFound = true;
  if (Util.nullSafeSize(typeList)>1) {
  } else {
  for (String entType : typeList){
    String[] typeSplit = entType.split("#");
    String entTypeName = typeSplit[0];
    String entTypeValue;
    if (typeSplit.length > 1) {
      entTypeValue = typeSplit[1];

  return accountGroup;

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