Connector rule ConnectorBeforeModify - return value from powershell

I have a rule that needs to modify the request ( the request is to revoke entitlement but I want to “catch” and remove the entitlement from the request.
I was able to modify the $requestObject - removing the AttributeRequests
and the $requestObject seems about correct after the removal.
but the line at the end: $requestObject.toxml()|out-file $args[0] - does not seems to “return” the modified request and the entitlement is still removed .
this is Azure connector on ISC.
any idea / help would be appreciated.


Hey @Sahar , how are you?

Can you show us the code? Are you calling a Script or are you using the IDN rule to do that?


Hi Ivan,
I was able to solve the issue.
I now can return the modified script how ever I get a null pointe exception i guess since the modified action has an empty one … - looking into it.

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Please do share your observations @Sahar