Connect Multiple ServiceNow Instances to a Single IDN Tenant

Use Case: We want to be able to connect 2 SNOW instances (SNOWDEV & SNOWPROD) to a single IDN prod instance. The value for this configuration is that we will be able to test SNOW use cases against live employee information. The goal is to aggregate, correlate. And sync attributes from IDN PROD to SNOW DEV accounts with prod IDN identities.

Question: SNOW creates a system generated unique identifier called the SYSID. The SNOW SYSID is the same between SNOWDEV and SNOWPROD. The SNOWPROD schema in IDN sets the AccountID to the SNOWPROD sysID. What is the expected behavior if for the new SNOWDEV connector in IDN, I configure the sysID as the IDN shcema accountID?

Proposed Solution: for the new SNOWDEV connector schema in IDN, I propose to set the AccountID to a different unique value (e.g., email, ad accountname) than the sysID. I am thinking this will allow successful aggregation, correlation, and attribute sync.

hey @adebomol2024,
Why two different applications, with the same account id would be a problem?

I can have multiple applications with the same ID , the connector for each one is what is going to be differentiating it.
So go ahead and connect booth.

Thanks Ivan. I will proceed accordingly.