Configure DNS on VA

Is exist documentation for configure DNS on VA with AWS déploiement ?

You can go to Checking Network Configuration section of

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I already see this :
Refer to Network configuration with networkd - Flatcar Container Linux Documentation and verify the following items:

  • Check the configuration: sudoedit /etc/systemd/network/

  • Ensure that proper formatting of is followed according to the flatcar documentation.






DNS= (Only use if configuring multiple DNS servers up to a total of 3)

But this for local déploiement, any person have experience with VA deployment on AWS ?

DHCP should give you the correct values (as AWS will maintain the DNS for a ec2 instance/ENI). AWS DNS documentation is at DNS attributes for your VPC - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud if you want to manually configure the DNS servers. It describes what the IP addressing inside a VPC would be.

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