Configuration Import/Export API Now Available

The SP Config API allows users to export configurations for rules, sources, transforms, and event triggers and import them into another environment. You can read more about SP Config from our extended documentation. Please note that this API is currently in Beta. If you would like to suggest improvements to the API, please create an idea in our Developer Ideas Portal.


Hi, I am unable to execute this POST /beta/sp-config/export api. Getting 400 Bad request syntax error.

Any help, appreciated.

Hi @joebin,

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Make sure there is anything in the Body
You can add the following into the Body of the call

“description”: “Export Job 1 Test”

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This is a great addition! We’ve always found it very tedious to keep our Acceptance & Production environments as aligned as possible and this should help a lot. I’ll make sure to provide feedback and/or questions if applicable once we’ve had a chance to properly test this out, but I can already see a plenty of room for automation using this in our environment.

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For File Access Manager(FAM) how we Move the Changes/Codes from Dev to Production? Is there a tool? If so, where can I find it?

Unfortunately we don’t have a tool to move artifacts from a DEV to PROD in FAM. Customers would make the same configuration in the PROD environment after it has been tested in lower environments.


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