Change Account Name attribute in source

Hi Team,

We’ve SAP SF source configured as auth source. The source attribute FormalName as AccountName. This is auth source and if we have same formal name all are getting linked to same identity. FormalName are not unique. In order to avoid this, we would like to change the AccountName to some unique attribute. How we can we achieve this, what are the implications if we change this

You don’t need to change the account name attribute, you just need to update the correlation logic. It’s the correlation logic which determines how accounts are linked to identities.

Having said that, there’s no impact of changing the account name attribute, it only impacts the display in IdentityNow.

@Ramiro We don’t have any correlation defined, since this is auth source. Changing accountName attribute will be done via API?

I had to set correlation logic in my authoritative source as well, to prevent the issue you just described.

However, that was three years ago, it’s possible something has changed since then.

Changing the account name used to be possible via the UI, however I can’t seem to see a way to do it in the new source UI. It can be done via API:

POST https://{{orgname}}{{sourceid}}


@Ramiro Thanks for this. We’ve option to set in UI also, made it and updated. Its working fine now.