Certification Campaign in IDN

We have created some certification campaigns based on roles and entitlements today. But we would like to start the campaign after one week.

If any user is assigned roles during this one week period. Will they be included in the campaign we will launch after a week?


Yes, It will include all the users having those roles and entitlements on the day you generate the preview and start the campaign

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Hello, any changes that take place after you generate the campaign will not be included in the campaign. So in your example, the users assigned to the role during the one week period will not be included in the campaign.

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Hello! So as has been mentioned, once the campaign is generated changes are not added to it, campaigns are like a snapshot/moment in time.

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It depends on how have you configured the Campaign. If you set the Campaign Generation as Scheduled (as might be your case) then the data is updated at the time of Preview Generation

Any updates to roles and entitlements prior to Preview Generation will be included in the Campaign. However, once the preview is generated no changes will be made as mentioned by @vkashat