Bulk Update Password

Hi Experts,

I have a 40 JDBC sources with different connection parameters but using same username and password.

whenever a password is reset, I will update only one source in UI and I’m planning to write a script to get the password from that one source and update the same in remaining 39 sources.

From the JSON file, we get only the encrypted password. If I use the same encrypted password in the JSON body of remaining 39 sources, I do see few sources working and other few failing.

Is this a better approach?


Good morning!

I’ve wanted to test this and haven’t yet, but couldn’t you just update the password with a patch to the source?

update-source | SailPoint Developer Community




Thanks for your response.

Actually we are trying to get the password from an other source and do not want to pass the password in plain-text.

By this Approach, I can update password in the UI for one source. all my remaining sources will be updated with new password taken from that source where I updated the password.


I think what I’m suggesting, don’t update in the UI, re-write your script to update all 40, rather than 39, with the new password you have.

Depending on how you’re doing this, the password wouldn’t need hard-coded in the script, you could pull it from a password vault or other managed place to mitigate the risk there.


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