Azure AD source user filter

I like to aggregate user in Azure AD connector only if user is member of specific group from Azure AD. Is that possible? What should be the filter?

Hi @Manju22 ,

You can use advance filter as per your required use-case. Please check the below documentation and let me know if still further help is needed.


I need help finding the exact user filter to get the user from a member of a specific group in Azure AD. Only to aggregate those user.

Please go through this link and see if it answers your query.

Azure AD User Filter- Need to Aggregate users from particular group - Identity Security Cloud (ISC) / ISC Discussion and Questions - SailPoint Developer Community

Also, for group-based filter please try below and refer to link for extra help.

groups?$filter=NOT groupTypes/any(c:c eq 'Unified')&$count=true

Please let me know if there is some specific group type you are looking.


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Thanks @ashutosh08 . Seems like Azure Connector doesn’t support account filtering during aggregation based on Group membership of users.

Is there any other method (workflow or ) where I can read users only from specific group in Azure Ad?

Hi @Manju22,

I do not think there is any API that will allow you to directly create account in IDN even if you can read it via some API.

If it is just about aggregation, then you may use separate Webservice connector and bring your account using graph API to filter and reconcile account.

The same graph API you can use to get account via workflow also.

Let me know if further input needed.


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