Automated Documentation Tool for IIQ

Presenters: @menno_pieters

Documentation Generator for IdentityIQ.pdf (1.4 MB)

The tool can be found here: GitHub - menno-pieters-sp/identityiq-documentation-public: IdentityIQ Documentation Tool

The merger can be found here: GitHub - menno-pieters-sp/sailpoint-xml-merger: SailPoint XML Merger


How can we integrate the generated documentation under the https://your-server-name/identityiq?

A good place would be a subfolder of /doc, e.g.

Hi Menno,
many thanks for sharing this!

for me it seems as if not all code is on the main branch. Do I need to request something to get full access? Or is the complete jar somewhere else? Also I’ve seen this sentence: " The tool is distributed as a zip file named like identityiq-documentation-generator-<version>". Where do I get this ZIP form?

I downloaded the code from your repo as zip and build it as maven project. Unfortunately, I am not promted for input args, but it only takes 2 arguments, input and output file path…

Many thanks

@menno_pieters Forgot to mention you :slight_smile:


Follow the GitHub link and on the right hand side there is a section ‘Releases’. This is where you find the pre-built zip file.


It is correct that you’re not asked for inputs. You can use the file src/main/xslt/IdentityIQ-Documenter-Config.xsl to configure the tool: what features to enable/disable, how fine-grained the information should be, etc.

Hi Menno,
didn’t see that. Many thank for pointing this out :slight_smile:


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