Attribute Sync - Multiple Accounts

How is attribute sync handled if the users has multiple accounts on that source. From looking at an example, it appears to only sync to one account.

Is there logic to determine which is should use similar to Access Profiles (Provisioning Criteria for Multiple Accounts)?

Attribute Sync should apply changes to all correlated accounts. Are all of these accounts correlated to the identity, or is it just one?

Under normal conditions we would only have 1 accounts (Active Directory) but one user ended up having 2 and both are correlated. It was then I noticed only 1 was synced. It may be coincidence but it chose the account that has an earlier creation date.

This isn’t the expected behavior. You’ll need to open a support ticket so our support team can investigate your environment to see what might be causing this.

It appears the Attribute Sync was attempted for both accounts but a separate error was occurring for the account that was not in sync.

Native Identity should not be null or empty

Does attribute sync fail for all attributes if one of them has a constraint? For example sAMAccountName is one that is being synced and since there were two accounts, one account was not able to update the sAMAccountName as it was in use by the other. This however caused the other attributes syncs to fail:

[“Failed to update attribute extensionAttribute1 Error - The object already exists.\n”]

This duplicate account has since been resolved but I just want to understand the behavior better.

This is unexpected behavior. Both accounts should have synced. The best course of action is to open a support ticket and include the error messages you received. The support team can look at your logs and diagnose what specifically caused this.