Attribute Sync based on date calculation


We create a user within our authoritative HR source and then a user is automatically created within AD(on site). The AD account is synced to Azure AD where an email is created for the new user.
That attribute values is also then synced back to AD one of it is email address

We only want the email attribute to be synced back(from Azure AD or AD) for newly created users to oracle HR using current date, time -1 day

Which rules will we use for this and can we use a function to get the current date -1 so that we can write back the email attribute from Azure AD or AD to HR authoritative source attribute

Code example will be great thnx

Are you just looking for help calculating today - 1 day? If so, the dateMath transform (Date Math | SailPoint Developer Community) can do this very easily. See the Examples section. There is an example there to calculate today - 5 days.