Attribute Generator combination


On the account profile of the Active Directory, we have two account attributes that are using attribute generator rule.
The two attributes are : “sAMAccountName” and “mail”
We want to use at the creation of the AD Account the attribute “sAMAccountName” on the mail creation rule.
When we try to calculate the mail with the sAMAccountName, the mail is not calculated.
I want to know if we can use an attribute value that is calculated through a rule on a other attribute who is also calculated through a rule.

Thanks in advance for your answer,


You can use the AD before provisioning rule to calculate the email. Only use the generator for sAMAccountName. That way, when the flow reaches before provisioning rule, you can use the generated sAMAccountName value in your email generation logic. You may have to move the generation logic within the before provisioning rule.

If the mail attribute is below the sAMAccountName attribute on the Create Profile, you can use [email protected] to reference the value calculated for the sAMAccountName attribute.