Assign IdentityNow Admin roles via API

Is there any support for adding IdentityNow admin roles via API? Looking to manage this assignment via separate request portal (ServiceNow, Okta). I’ve found this backend API but was curious if other options exist:


@cassidiopia, thank you for showing us this gap in our v3 API. There currently isn’t a beta or v3 API that is capable of this, so you will need to use the v1 endpoint your shared to accomplish this.

I went ahead and created an idea for this so our product team can think about implementing this functionality.

I do have the same problem while am trying to update via this API - /cc/api/user/updatePermissions, its failed. Could you please help me to understand which v1 API endpoint would give a solution?.



POST /cc/api/user/updatePermissions is the API endpoint used to update user permissions in IdentityNow. Since it is technically a private API and subject to change/deprecation, use at your own risk until a beta/v3 equivalent is released. As is the case with all private APIs, there is no available documentation, so you need to use the browser developer tools to discover how to use them.

This API requires a JSON request body with the v1 user id, the isAdmin flag which determines if the user level is being added or taken away, and an attribute called adminType describing the user level that is being set for the identity. An example JSON request body would look like this:

    "ids": "71624",
    "isAdmin": "1",
    "adminType": "ADMIN"