Array being added to json in web services connector

For some web services connectors, I’m having an issue where Sailpoint is adding a value as an array to a json body. Anyone know how to stop it from doing this?


“permissions”: {
“offendLimit”: $plan.offendLimit$,
“makeDecisionOnUserBlock”: $plan.makeDecisionOnUserBlock$,
“changeOtherUserDecision”: $plan.changeOtherUserDecision$,
“changeConcealedDecisions”: $plan.changeConcealedDecisions$,
“changeTransactionFeeAmount”: $plan.changeTransactionFeeAmount$,
“waiveTransactionFeeAmount”: $plan.waiveTransactionFeeAmount$
“ledgerBalanceLimit”: $plan.ledgerBalanceLimit$,
“availableBalanceLimit”: $plan.availableBalanceLimit$

I should probably note that both of these values are integers in the schema, entitlements and not multi value.

I don’t know why it insists on adding it as a list . A quick fix might be to reference the first element of the list (ex. $plan.ledgerBalanceLimit[0]$)

You could try getting the source schema via API and verifying that it isn’t a list.