API How do I check a discontinued api in identity now


How exactly do I check if my clients are using an API that is discontinued?

What do you mean by discontinue ?

Deprecated ?

These are the APIs that will be discontinued

To start, you can look at the endpoint path for an ISC/IDN API call. It has been broadly classified into 3 branches:

  • v3 (Stable)
    e.g https://tenant.api.identitynow.com/v3/sources
  • Beta (Development)
    e.g https://tenant.api.identitynow.com/beta/sources
  • CC (To be deprecated)
    e.g https://tenant.api.identitynow.com/cc/api/source/list

Ideally, your client should use v3. If using CC API calls, try and find a v3 or beta equivalent.

Beta can be used as well - keep in mind that this is subject to change. Some beta calls have been pushed to v3, however there is still legacy support for these beta calls for a limited period.

Hope this helps!

I made an api call in v3 and brought me, would this be a valid validation?

Hello @kaiolima,

Yes, it is valid V3 API endpoint.
You are getting back the response listing all the sources in your IDN/ISC tenant with status code 200(OK Success). So it valid and working non-deprecated API endpoint.

The links below will help you check if a particular API endpoint is deprecated(discontinued):

About the Non-Public API Deprecations category

Deprecation: CC, V1, and V2 API Decommission Update

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Thanks it helped a lot

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