API call to add Access Profile inside an Application

Hi everyone,

We need to add Access Profiles within an Application, is it possible to do this via an API call?
We need to add 300 Access Profiles within an application for request, can we do this via API call? If so what API can we use for this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

As far as i know, this is only available in the “old” api.

a POST to https://{{env}}.api.identitynow.com/cc/api/app/update/

with a body of

“accessProfileIds”: [

You have to send all access profiles you want in it every time, you can’t just update with what you want

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Hi Caleb,

How can specify the Application that I need send the access profiles?

Thanks for your help.

When you have the App open in the admin UI, its the number at the end of the URL, then that number goes after the update/ on the post

for example https://{{env}}.api.identitynow.com/cc/api/app/update/12345

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Hey Caleb,

Excellent, I appreciate so much your help.

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