All that jazz: A standards-based approach to Identity


In the world of jazz, a “standard” is instantly recognizable. A key part of any musician’s repertoire, they are performed and recorded by every artist—each of whom put their own slight variation on a the same melody. They’re popular with audiences, in part because each rendition is like meeting an old friend; the familiarity is a source of comfort. Standards thus form the foundation of great musical art.

Standards are also the foundation of identity. Rather than reinventing data flows between each system, they allow for a known interaction. That familiarity allows for easy interoperability, accelerates time to value, and also provide guardrails to ensure that important architectural requirements such as security and privacy are met.

We’ll explore the foundation of identity standards such as SCIM and Shared Signals, describe their ongoing evolution, and see how they can be used within real world architectures.