Add the ability to do Date Format Transforms to the Workflow "Compare Timestamp" operator

Currently in IdentityNow there is an operator within the workflow engine that allows for “Compare Timestamps”, but this is limited to using timestamp values. This is a limitation because most systems do not have the data in the ISO8601 format that this operator requires, and as such, any dates that a company would like to use in a Date Compare for a workflow decision will need to be modified on the source to be in this format, which is not easy to impossible to do, or they will need to be pulled into an IdentityAttribute, which can lead to IdentityAttribute bloat, and can also lead to audit log noise if the field happens to be something like “lastLoginTime” for a source, which would show an attribute change log for each change.

Suggested Improvements:

  • Add the ability to provide a string field for the date value and specify a format string in the same manner the Date Format Transform uses.
  • Add the ability to specify ignore time value, to allow for the comparison to be on the date field only.
  • Add the ability for a checkbox/menu selection (i.e. Enter Value, Choose Variable, Use Now) for now, rather than needing to provide the value from the Enter Value.

Currently there are several topics on the discussion forum that would be easily resolved by one or both of these suggestions:


Thanks Geoff for creating this feature request! I agree that this would be a very beneficial improvement.

Additionally, if you choose to ignore the time component, make sure that you specify the time zone in which you want the comparison to take place. Timeless ISO dates are assumed to be at midnight UTC, but the other date might not be.

I have added 2 ideas to the Ideas section if people would like to vote on them:

This is the same as above:

This would be the minimal viable piece of this to allow for better use of dates in Workflows: