Account Name of Identity Attribute

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How account name and account id in Sailpoint Identity now is created? Does it get created based on the identity profile mapping on Sailpoint User Name (uid) ? Or does it get created with respect to Account ID being set at Authoritative source application ?

The highlighted attributes reflect the Source Account schema mapping for Account ID and Account Name attribute.

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These highlighted attributes are showing under OOTB Sailpoint link in IdentityNow. Are these attributes fetched from the account id of Authoritative source, i.e Workday for us. If you see the screenshot below you can see the Workday account name is different than the Sailpoint’s . Does it take from Sailpoint user name (uid). Also the account name gets displayed in Identity attribute details in IdentityNow , from where does it pick up the value.

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Yes, The account name on the Identity details page comes from Identity Profile, Username (uid) attribute mapping.

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