Account existence check in target application directly

Hi All,

We are trying to achieve a use case where we need to validate existance of an account with same username before creating in other system. It would be helpful if someone can shed some light on how we can achieve it.

  1. We have an active directory and LDAP target systems both usually have similar user id’s.
  2. Inorder to provision an account in AD we need to validate account existence in entire AD and LDAP applications (not limited to account OU filters) defined in IDN.
  3. We are trying to use attribute generate rule to achieve this directly connecting to target but this rule doesn’t allow certain functions or methods of native java.


to do this you can onboard a second source including the full AD and you add settings on the tenant to search over the same AD and the second AD using IDN Rule Utility to validate uniqueness over those ADs, Is necessary the validation over both ADs because the second AD is going to aggregate new accounts until the next aggregation, it can include LDAP on the same way