Access Requests - No Results

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Version 8.3

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Hello. Hoping someone can help out here. Going through Manage User Access to remove an entitlement is not removing the entitlement. The access request generates and shows complete, however the details of the request does not show any results. The email notification to the requester is also blank. It only shows the subject of the email. This started happening after we went into the LCM Provisioning workflow and removed “Nofity User” from the notifications list. Adding it back does not correct the behavior.

From the screenshot, your access request look empty and that’s the reason there is no information on the notification. I would suggest looking at the workflow trace to find out more as why the identityrequest is empty. if you can, share the workflow trace logs

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Hello Sunny. I may need guidance on how to retrieve the log info. I have enabled the following in the file:

When I reproduce the scenario, will that info be in ApacheTomcat\logs\sailpoint.log ?

Yes, it should be in sailpoint.log or whatever log file is mentioned in the file.

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you will find the trace variable in main workflow (LCM Provisioning) you can set that to true and it will start showing detail logs .

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So, I believe we have worked around this issue. This started when we went into the workflow in the UI to change the notification setting. We only want to send notifications to the requester and not the user. When we removed “Notify User”, it changed something in the XML that caused the access requests to be blank. We restored a copy of the XML from a backup, and instead of changing the setting in the UI, we just removed “user” in the XML notification scheme. It all seems to be working correctly now. Access requests are no longer blank, and it’s sending notifications to the requester only.

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Glad it worked for you.