Access Profiles and applications in Sync automatically

Hello Team,

We would like to keep Access profiles and Applications in sync in IDN automatically. For example, if there are some new access profiles created in IDN tenant and placed list of newly created access profiles in a csv file or etc and placed in a location, then we are expecting a possible way that a script should run and fetch those newly created access profiles and create an application by holding those access profiles. Also, there is always one-one mapping of these access profiles and application. For example, for Ap1 access profile - the mapped application will be Application_1. similarly for Ap2 access profile Application_2 should be created. We can also keep both access profile name and application name same if needed.

Could someone please let me know the possible way, if a new access profile is created and placed in csv, how can we automatically pick it and create an Application.

Thanks in Advance!

There is a /cc API for applications that you can use, but beware that /cc is not intended for public use and may change at anytime without notice. We provide SDKs for Powershell, Typescript, and Golang, depending on which language you want to use for your script. Each SDK supports a select set of /cc APIs that have no v3 equivalent. This includes the applications API. For example, if you want to use Powershell, check out our docs: PowerShell SDK | SailPoint Developer Community

The relevant Powershell functions for the application API endpoints can be found here: powershell-sdk/ at 08e96f353a70e8101bd14020d747ab044a426947 · sailpoint-oss/powershell-sdk · GitHub

Assuming you already figured out how to populate your CSV file with the latest access profiles, you would just need to use the appropriate /cc API calls via the SDK or direct API request to create a new application for each access profile.

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