Access Intelligence Center Extracts to CSV

I want to Extract the Most Requested Entitlements to a CSV file I don’t see this function? Under Insight Advisor Requests. Only Extract to PDF shows up under the three dots.

You might want to try Data Explore for that, if you have it. I think our AIC is half baked because I don’t see that our tenant has the tables/fields to pull that kind of data.

Ben, Yes we have it and I see the CSV export capability only issue is that we don’t have any data populated yet.

Hi Tom,

If you right click > Bar chart > Download you will have the option for .xlxs, .png, and .pdf

Unfortunately, this feature does not allow downloads in .csv.

I believe this is the chart you are inquiring on: Requests > Most Requested Entitlements. Please advise if you are asking on another chart (screenshot would be great).


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Hey Ben,

I am a Product Manager responsible for AIC. I would love to hear specifics on the gaps you are perceiving.

If you are willing to share your thoughts, feel free to message me directly or you can grab some time with me here: Calendly - Jordan Mandernach

We have focused on superseding the capabilities of Data Explore, and I want to ensure we have done so.

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