Access History - What happens if you delete an identity attribute?

Client just upgraded licensing to include Access History. They have an identity attribute for “AD Last Logon” that is clogging up the historical report with noise. If you delete an identity attribute, would the history of that attribute also be unreferenced in the Access History page? If not, is there a configuration option to filter out an identity attribute from the history page? I plan to see if we can remove that attribute from the Identity Profile, cause unless there is some sort of business process tied to that value it’s a lot of unnecessary identity updates after every AD aggregation. But either way, we would love to get the old events removed from Access History.


Hi Jason,

As per the information I have received from SailPoint, these reports are kinda static not referencing to any attributes. You can replicate this in your Sandbox maybe with a test attribute or create a Support ticket and get official confirmation on this.


I did end up deleting an identity attribute in the sandbox, and as I expected, the event history persists. I guess ill try opening a support case and see if deleting particular events from history is an option.

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