A guide to run 2 Identityiq webapps in 1 apache tomacat instance

From the post above i got to know that we can run 2 webapps in 1 instance. but i failed to do the same. Can someone guide me through the process to make it happen, my situation needs me to make 32 webapps in 1 tomcat server.
@Remold @fugitiva Really Need your help.

Thanks In advance

It’s generaly not recommended to have more than one instance on the same tomcat - the easiest way is to use docerized version of IIQ and just spin as many docker containers as you want.

Here you’ll find more details

Spinning many docker containers requires too much processing power and ram, we have to pay extra to increase the perfirmance which we cant, hence looking for multiple webapps and multiple databases solution.

Sure - than you have to have the following
For each of 32 instanced you have to create separate databases (3 - one for IIQ, one for Plugins and one for AH if you are using 8.4).
Once you have 32 databases - you have to create 32 directories in $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps - for and put the IIQ binaries there.

Once you do that you have to modify iiq.properties of each instance to point to respective databases.

Then once you initialize all instances with import init.xml you should be able to start tomcat and access each instance following the naming convention you use to create webapps containers.

The reason why I suggested docker is that you can have a container with integrated MySQL database and everything set OoTB - which in the end requires you to wait around a minute and you have your instance up and running - which is quite faster than doing this on the same tomcat.

Hey Kamil, Thanks fo the update, can you tell me more in detail on where and how to make changes in create databases script and iiq properties.

Thanks in advance

Hi @baburao,

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I can understand to have a couple of IIQ webapps running in 1 Tomcat instance for testing or a PoC. To have 32 in 1 Tomcat instance is really not advisable.

Only looking at the absolute minimal memory requirement for IIQ times 32 = 2GB * 32 = 64GB
and this is without the memory required for the OS and Database.
(see Micro footprint in IdentityIQ Hardware Sizing Guide)

Splitting the 32 into junks of 4 IIQ installs in 8 different Tomcat instances might be doable.

Can you elaborate why you need 32 IIQ instances?

– Remold

Hi Remold Krol, Nice to meet you. Im working in an environment as an IT admin, where we are training 32 people as sailpoint admins. WE have recently taken an online platform where workflow of a certain user can be tracked.

that online platform has provided a single linux machine where we need to provide that single machine to 32 users, since we are training them, they need to operate in admin scenario with their own dataset.

Hence As an IT Admin, im trying to find a solution of doing 32 webapps and 32 databases in 1 linux machine. since more machine would cost more online.

Sounds like a valid use case and worth trying to get it up and running. It should work, however there are no guarantees if it will perform as expected.

As Kamil already mentioned you need to create 32*3 separate databases and 32 directories containing the IIQ files. The iiq.properties files of each IIQ instance need to point to the respective databases.

As it is requires many identical steps (with different settings) I would suggest to create a bash-script to configure it. This also allows the reset/recreate the complete setup when you want to start a new training.

– Remold

@Remold Can you assist me in the process, if your not busy.

Before starting scripting, did you already manually configured and tested with 2 IIQ instances? This is for you to know what steps are needed to have 2 different instances up and running.

Once you know what steps are needed you can place it in a loop like:


for i in {1..32}; do
 cp -r /home/test/identityiq "/tomcat/webapps/identityiq$i"
 sed -i "s@jdbc:mysql://localhost/identityiq@jdbc:mysql://localhost/identityiq$1/g" "/tomcat/webapps/identityiq$i/WEB-INF/classes/iiq.properties

To create such a script via this forum is not handy. We can ofcourse help if you have questions regarding the IIQ setup.
If you don’t know how to create a bash script, then either ask a colleague or do everything manually.

– Remold

Thanks for the supprot remold. I did try to run 2 instances of identityiq, but ended in failure. i will try it again and try to automate the process.

i have tried to run 2 instances in apache tomcat, i have modified the create database.mysql script to new database name and have modified the iiq.properties file, but im unable to get an output, when i go to iiq console im getiing java error with configbeans.xml.

Is there anything im missing??

Can you show the error?

getting this error when i go to ./iiq console

Error is clear access denied for used identityiq1 i would check if password is correct or db is accessible or anything around that.

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Thank you Kamil, i solved my qurey, now my biggest hurdle is to make a scrip to automate the process.

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