# Available Event Triggers

An updated list of available triggers can be retrieved via a HTTP GET request. The following event triggers are available to all tenants, but more may be enabled in your tenant.

# Request

curl --request GET --url 'https://{tenant}.api.identitynow.com/beta/triggers' --header 'authorization: Bearer {access_token}'

# Response

type: Trigger Type, i.e. REQUEST_RESPONSE or FIRE_AND_FORGET

  • REQUEST_RESPONSE: This type of trigger is used to give the custom application an ability to answer back to a trigger event sent by the trigger service. This integration is bi-directional -- a response from the custom application is required for a trigger invocation to be considered complete and successful.

  • FIRE_AND_FORGET: This type of trigger is used to notify the custom application of a particular occurrence of an event. This integration is not bi-directional -- trigger invocation is successful the moment the trigger service notifies the external application, and it does not require a response from the custom application.

id: The ID of the trigger, used when subscribing to triggers

inputSchema: Json (opens new window) schema of trigger input (payload sent by SailPoint)

outputSchema: Json (opens new window) schema of trigger output (response payload expected to send back to SailPoint)

exampleInput: Example input payload based on input schema

exampleOutput: Example output payload based on output schema

200 OK

        "type": "FIRE_AND_FORGET",
        "id": "idn:identity-attributes-changed",
        "description": "One or more identity attributes changed.",
        "outputSchema": null,
        "inputSchema": "\"inputSchema\": {\"type\": \"record\",\"name\": \"AccessRequestedInput\",\"fields\": [{\"name\": \"identityId\",\"type\": \"string\"},{\"name\": \"approved\",\"type\": \"boolean\"}]},",
        "exampleInput": {
            "identity": {
                "id": "ee769173319b41d19ccec6cea52f237b",
                "name": "john.doe",
                "type": "IDENTITY"
            "changes": [
                    "attribute": "department",
                    "oldValue": "sales",
                    "newValue": "marketing"
                    "attribute": "manager",
                    "oldValue": {
                        "id": "ee769173319b41d19ccec6c235423237b",
                        "name": "nice.guy",
                        "type": "IDENTITY"
                    "newValue": {
                        "id": "ee769173319b41d19ccec6c235423236c",
                        "name": "mean.guy",
                        "type": "IDENTITY"
                    "attribute": "email",
                    "oldValue": "john.doe@hotmail.com",
                    "newValue": "john.doe@gmail.com"
        "exampleOutput": null,
        "name": "Identity Attributes Changed"