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Get workflow sessions

Get workflow sessions

Query Parameters
  • query object

    Allows for pagination and sorting using the deepObject notation.


    limitLimits the number of results returned100
    offsetReturns the results starting at the value provided0
    orderAllows you to determine the order in which the data is returned (not available on profile attributes)id
    Example: query[limit]=100&query[offset]=50&query[order]=created_at
  • profile_id uuid

    Profile ID to filter by

    Example: db6f8e8b-65c2-47d5-a0db-90bcc4e9df9e
  • uid string

    Possible values: >= 32 characters and <= 32 characters

    Workflow session uid for filtering

    Example: db6f8e8b-65c2-47d5-a0db-90bcc4e9df9e
  • workflow_id uuid

    Workflow ID for filtering

    Example: db6f8e8b-65c2-47d5-a0db-90bcc4e9df9e
  • requester_id uuid

    Requester ID for filtering

    Example: db6f8e8b-65c2-47d5-a0db-90bcc4e9df9e
  • status string

    Possible values: [waiting on workflow, identity proofing completed, new, closing, pending request, requested, pending approval, approved, pending notification, notified, pending review, reviewed, pending trigger, stored procedure, pending status change, status changed, pending update, non employee updated, non employee created, pending creation, rejected, pending assignment, assigned, default, failed, un assigned, auto assigned, ldap provided, pending ldap, pending fulfillment, pending stored procedure, pending courion add, fulfilled, pending courion update, courion add, pending courion_extend, courion update, pending courion terminate, courion extend, pending profile select, courion terminate, batch completed, profiles selected, answered questions, pending questions, attempting to start workflow, started workflow, profile check complete, completed, processing, pending set attribute, invitation sent, action skipped, api request sent, attribute set, disabled, duplicates resolved, soap request sent, checking for duplicates, pending identity proofing, closed, workflow changed]

    filter by workflow session status

    Example: batch completed
  • metadata boolean

    Returns batching metadata in the response

    Example: true

Expected response to a valid request

  • workflow_sessions object[]
  • id uuid

    The id

  • uid string

    Possible values: >= 32 characters and <= 32 characters

    The uid

  • workflow_id uuid

    The workflow id

  • requester_id uuid

    the requester id

  • requester_type string

    Possible values: [User, NeprofileUser, NeaccessUser]

    The requester type

  • profile_id uuid

    The profile this workflow session will be working with. Only Applicable for Update workflows

  • profile_ids uuid[]

    The profiles this workflow session will be working with. Only Applicable for Batch workflows

  • status string

    Possible values: [api_request_sent, approved, assigned, attempting_to_start_workflow, AUTH-STATUS1, AUTH-STATUS2, AUTH-STATUS3, AUTH-STATUS4, AUTH-STATUS5, AUTH-STATUS6, AUTH-STATUS7, AUTH-STATUS8, AUTH-STATUS9, auto_assigned, batch_completed, checking_for_duplicates, closed, completed, courion_add, courion_extend, courion_terminate, courion_update, duplicates_resolved, failed, fulfilled, invitation_sent, ldap_provided, new, non_employee_created, non_employee_updated, notified, pending_approval, pending_assignment, pending_courion_add, pending_courion_extend, pending_courion_terminate, pending_courion_update, pending_creation, pending_fulfillment, pending_ldap, pending_notification, pending_profile_select, pending_request, pending_review, pending_status_change, pending_stored_procedure, pending_trigger, pending_update, processing, profile_check_complete, profiles_selected, rejected, requested, reviewed, soap_request_sent, started_workflow, status_changed, stored_procedure, un_assigned, waiting_on_workflow, workflow_changed]

    The status

  • attributes object

    The attributes

  • property name* string
  • _metadata object
  • limit int32

    The limit

  • offset int32

    The offset

  • total int32

    The total

  • next string

    The link to the next page of data

  • previous string

    The link to the previous page of data