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Find workflow session by id

Find workflow session by id

Path Parameters
    id uuid required

    ID of the object to retrieve, update, or delete


Expected response to a valid request

    workflow_session object
    workflow_id uuid
    requester_id uuid
    requester_type string

    Possible values: [User, NeprofileUser, NeaccessUser]

    profile_id uuid

    The profile this workflow session will be working with. Only Applicable for Update workflows

    profile_ids uuid[]

    The profiles this workflow session will be working with. Only Applicable for Batch workflows

    status string

    Possible values: [api_request_sent, approved, assigned, attempting_to_start_workflow, AUTH-STATUS1, AUTH-STATUS2, AUTH-STATUS3, AUTH-STATUS4, AUTH-STATUS5, AUTH-STATUS6, AUTH-STATUS7, AUTH-STATUS8, AUTH-STATUS9, auto_assigned, batch_completed, checking_for_duplicates, closed, completed, courion_add, courion_extend, courion_terminate, courion_update, duplicates_resolved, failed, fulfilled, invitation_sent, ldap_provided, new, non_employee_created, non_employee_updated, notified, pending_approval, pending_assignment, pending_courion_add, pending_courion_extend, pending_courion_terminate, pending_courion_update, pending_creation, pending_fulfillment, pending_ldap, pending_notification, pending_profile_select, pending_request, pending_review, pending_status_change, pending_stored_procedure, pending_trigger, pending_update, processing, profile_check_complete, profiles_selected, rejected, requested, reviewed, soap_request_sent, started_workflow, status_changed, stored_procedure, un_assigned, waiting_on_workflow, workflow_changed]

    attributes object
    property name* string