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Get risk level data in bulk

This endpoint can retrieve risk level data in bulk from Lifecycle

Query Parameters
  • query object

    Allows for pagination and sorting using the deepObject notation.


    limitLimits the number of results returned100
    offsetReturns the results starting at the value provided0
    orderAllows you to determine the order in which the data is returned (not available on profile attributes)id
    Example: query[limit]=100&query[offset]=50&query[order]=created_at
  • label string

    The attribute label to filter by

    Example: mylabel
  • metadata boolean

    Returns batching metadata in the response

    Example: true

Expected response to a valid request

  • risk_levels object[]
  • id uuid

    the id

  • uid string

    Possible values: >= 32 characters and <= 32 characters

    the uid

  • label string

    The label

  • points decimal

    The risk points

  • order int32

    The order of this risk level

  • _metadata object
  • limit int32

    The limit

  • offset int32

    The offset

  • total int32

    The total

  • next string

    The link to the next page of data

  • previous string

    The link to the previous page of data