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Deleting resources with The TypeScript SDK

You can use the SDK to delete resources.

Here is an example script that searches for the Workgroup created in Create a resource by name and calls the delete method to remove it from your environment.

import {Configuration, GovernanceGroupsBetaApi, GovernanceGroupsBetaApiCreateWorkgroupRequest, GovernanceGroupsBetaApiPatchWorkgroupRequest, PublicIdentitiesApi} from "sailpoint-api-client"

const deleteWorkgroup = async () => {
let apiConfig = new Configuration()
let api = new GovernanceGroupsBetaApi(apiConfig)

let workgroup = (await api.listWorkgroups({filters: 'name eq "DB Access Governance Group"'})).data[0]

if ( !== undefined) {
let deletionStatus = (await api.deleteWorkgroup({id:})).status
} else {
console.log("Workgroup was not found, id is missing for delete request.")


Run this command to compile and run the code:

tsc src/index.ts && node src/index.js

The deletionStatus is returned by the SDK with a value of 204.