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Event Triggers

The result of any action performed in a service is called an event. Services like IdentityNow constantly generate events like an update to a setting or the completion of an account aggregation.

Filtering Events

Many triggers can produce a staggering amount of events if left unfiltered. Event filtering helps you solve this problem.

Preparing a Subscriber Service

Before you can subscribe to an event trigger, you must prepare a service that can accept incoming HTTP requests from the event trigger service.

Responding To Request Response Triggers

You can specify how your application interacts with a REQUEST_RESPONSE type trigger service by selecting an invocation response mode in the Response Type dropdown when editing or creating a REQUEST_RESPONSE subscription.

Subscribing to a Trigger

Usually, you will subscribe to event triggers using the user interface in IDN. Refer to subscribing to event triggers to learn how to subscribe to an event trigger through the IDN UI.

Testing Triggers

It is important to test your trigger subscription configuration with your actual subscribing service before enabling your subscription for production use.

Trigger Types

Different types of triggerst exist, and those types of triggers do different things depending on their type.