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Account List

Aggregate all accounts from the source into IdentityNow.

Account Read

Aggregate a single account from the source into IdentityNow.

API Calls

Calling API endpoints sequentially for hundreds or thousands of accounts is slow. If several API calls are required to build a user’s account, then it is recommended that you use asynchronous functions to speed up this task.


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CLI - Advanced

Using the CLI to properly test and debug your connector in IdentityNow

Common CLI Commands

These are the CLI commands most commonly used when building SaaS Connectors.

Connector Specification File

The connector spec file tells IDN how the connector should interact between IDN and the custom connector. It is the glue between IDN and the connector, so understanding the different sections are key to understanding how to build a custom connectors.

Connector Timeouts

IdentityNow will throw an error if your connector does not send a response in 3 minutes. For connector commands that might take longer than 3 minutes, make sure to send data at regular intervals to prevent a timeout.


An easy way to debug locally is to use console.log() to print debug information to your console.

Error Handling

If the code fails due to validation issues, connectivity, or configuration errors, you can handle the error and provide the user with information about what went wrong.

Example Connectors

Here are a few example connectors that were built for you to download and learn from.

Global Platform Resources

Our global platform resource documentation provides comprehensive insights applicable to multiple features or the entire platform, complementing our feature-specific resources.

IP Address Allow List

This document outlines how to create an IP Address Allow List for secure access to internal resources by certain IdentityNow services, and how to find your tenant's hosting region to set up this list​.


This describes certain limits that are in place when running a SaaS Connector


Automatically check your connector source code for programmatic and stylistic errors.


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You can use this feature to read the logs of your connectors.

Postman Collection

Use the following Postman Collection file to run tests for each of the commands locally.


These are some prerequisites you must have before you start building SaaS Connectors.


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SaaS Connectivity

SaaS Connectivity is a cloud based connector runtime that makes developing and deploying web service connectors easy.


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Test, Build, and Deploy

As you implement command handlers, you must test them. The connector SDK provides some utility methods to locally run your connector to test, build, and deploy.


Helpful videos on using SaaS connectivity