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Common CLI Commands

Below is a list of commands and their usages:

  • Development
    • Create a project on your local system: sail conn init "my-project"
    • Test your connector locally: npm run dev
  • Deployment
    • Create an empty connector in your IDN Org (used to get id so you can upload): sail conn create "my-project"
    • Build a project: npm run pack-zip
    • Upload your connector to your IDN Org: sail conn upload -c [connectorID | connectorAlias] -f dist/[connector filename].zip
  • Exploring
    • List connectors in your IDN Org: sail conn list
    • List your connector tags: sail conn tags list -c [connectorID | connectorAlias]
  • Testing and Debugging
    • Test your connector on the IDN Org: sail connectors invoke [action] -c [connectorID | connectorAlias] -p config.json
    • Get a list of actions: sail conn invoke -h
    • Run read-only integration tests against your connector: sail conn validate -p config.json -c [connectorID | connectorAlias] -r
    • Tail IDN Org connector logs: sail conn logs tail
  • Delete
    • Delete a connector: sail conn delete -c [connectorID | connectorAlias]